BMW x5: Interior design is the new BMW

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The BMW x25 is the first of the new X5 series, but the new interior design is a big step up from the previous one.

This is where the BMW 5 Series really shines.

The interior is designed to be more luxurious than its predecessor, and features new LED lights and a much wider display.

The car is also lighter than the x20, and now weighs less than half a ton.

This makes it much more manageable for those looking to get into the sportier parts of the car.

Inside, the BMW x35 is a little more roomy than the others.

The interior is also much larger, so you can fit more passengers.

The seats are much more comfortable, and the dash is more prominent.

The BMW 5 series has the biggest infotainment screen of any BMW model, but there is also a much more spacious and interactive touch screen.

Inside the BMW X5, you can expect a more modern design.

This means the seats are slightly wider and more ergonomic than the ones on the x25.

The seatback is slightly wider too, and you can see the difference between the seats in the center of the dash.

The back of the seat backs is also wider.

The BMW x30 has an extra dash, but it doesn’t really feel that big.

The front seat is much more prominent than before, and it looks even more spacious.

The rear seat backs are more elevated and comfortable, while the front dash is lower than before.

This is one of the biggest changes in the BMW interior.

Instead of the traditional rear door, the rear door has been moved to the left of the driver.

The doors themselves are also much taller than before and are wider.

The instrument cluster has also been removed from the door, and instead it is a bigger panel with a new screen and touch screen to interact with it.

There are a lot of other minor changes.

The driver’s seat is now more upright.

There is a new dashboard with a full-size steering wheel, as well as an LCD touch screen, and there are new door handles on the seats.

The passenger door handles are a bit more rounded than before too, which is a nice touch.

The headliner is also slightly lower than the previous models.

Inside has a new layout that feels more like the BMW S6 than the BMW E46.

The S6 is a sporty car that you will find on most of the roads around the world.

The new layout is designed for comfort, comfort comfort, and more comfort.

The seats are also slightly wider than before for a more comfortable fit.

The center console has been removed as well, and is just a single panel.

The top-mounted steering wheel is now a bit taller and more forward.

The new steering wheel has been redesigned to better match the S6.

It is a bit smaller, and has a higher-quality material.

The buttons have also been replaced with a larger one.

The shifter has been re-designed too.

The headlight cluster has been replaced too.

It has more contrast now and is now much more bright and bright.

It also has an LED light, making it much brighter.

The LED light can be switched on and off, as long as you turn it off.

The LED lights have been replaced to give a more subtle effect.

The steering wheel now has a different position.

The old one was on the right and the new one is now on the left.

The doors now have a very slight curve to them.

The rear seat is wider than on the previous model.

The seating position is now quite upright, so there is less of a difference between seats when it comes to the driver and passengers.

The dashboard has been changed, too.

Instead, the left and right panels are now a single piece of glass.

The screen has been slightly enlarged, and these buttons are more easily accessed.

The buttons have been relocated to the side of the center console instead of in the middle.

The instrument cluster is much higher up on the driver’s side now, so it looks better.

There are also now a few more LED lights on the screen, so the instrument cluster itself can be lit up.

The driver’s door handle is now slightly lower.

The button to open the door now has an easier-to-read symbol.

The headlights have been changed as well.

They are now more prominent, as they now have three different brightness levels, each one brighter than the last.

There’s also now an LED on the roof that can be used to show a warning light if the light is too bright.

The door handles have been moved down and have a different shape.

The original handle is much taller, and that is also more comfortable to operate.

The top of the instrument panel is now longer.

The back seat has been extended and now has more padding.

The door handles can now be accessed from the side, and are also more adjustable.

The side curtain was also moved up a bit.

The curtains are now wider



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