How to Design a Lamborghini Urus

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The interior of a Lambo is a complicated matter.

It’s a very complicated thing.

Assembled from a wide array of materials, it has to be designed in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and durable.

So how do you design an interior that’s both functional and aesthetically appealing?

In the early days of Lamborghinis, many of the pieces were built to last, including the roof, body panels, doors, and dash.

That was the beauty of the Urus, though, and the company made a point to make the entire interior of the car as aesthetically satisfying as possible.

“In the beginning, we were always thinking about what the aesthetic of the exterior was,” says Guillermo Dominguez, the team’s design director.

“And that’s a design objective.”

Dominguez says the designers were looking for ways to maximize the aesthetics of the Lamborghina Urus.

The team went with a combination of materials like wood, leather, glass, glass-filled fiberglass, and aluminum.

Glass-filled fibres were also used to create a unique surface pattern that was very much influenced by the Lambo’s heritage.

While Lamborghins are famous for their looks, Domingquez says the company didn’t think about aesthetics when designing the Uras.

Instead, the designers went for a timeless design.

One of the key aspects of the interior is the glass.

A glass roof can look a little rough around the edges, but it’s there to provide structural support for the body and the car itself.

The interior also has glass panels that surround the interior.

Domingez says the glass panels are made up of two layers of fiberglass.

They’re made up on both sides of the glass and form a kind of “spaghetti,” which allows the light from the sun to shine through the glass into the interior, creating an aesthetic effect similar to a window in a modern house.

The interior also includes a “tangle of fiber glass,” or “tessure,” that forms the roof and the glass panel on either side of the roof.

In this way, the glass in the car is “resembling a very ancient architecture,” Domingez explains.

The tessure is made up from several layers of glass, which form a lattice.

Tessure also creates an attractive surface texture, Domes says.

“The glass is also a perfect surface to make a curved surface, so you can make a curve out of the window,” he explains.

The designers then created a curved glass roof that mimics the curvature of the sky.

The glass is then overlaid with a thin layer of glass that gives the interior an illusion of being suspended from the ceiling.

Although the design has some inherent flaws, Doms says the result is beautiful and has a timeless appeal.

It’s not just the design of the structure that makes the interior work.

Domingales says it’s also the way in which it’s used.

“There are a lot of things we have to learn from the exterior,” he says.

“So the car, in many ways, is the interior of our cars.”

The interior is made of a combination inlay of glass and fiberglass which is used to mimic the curvatures of the heavens.

There are also glass panels surrounding the interior which provide structural supports.

Domingales explains that the design also incorporates “some elements of the automotive landscape.”

“The car has this really beautiful curve of the upper half of the body,” he recalls.

“This is the same curve that the interior curves around.”

In the same way, Dombas says the car also has a “very elegant curves” to the roof where the car’s glass is overlaid.

These curves form an overall look that is reminiscent of a very early, classical car.

Finally, the interior also features “trees and trees” throughout the interior that are also part of the design.



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