What’s the inside of a spaceship?

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The inside of the space capsule is a bit of a mystery, with many questions left unanswered by the manufacturer and NASA.

While many have theorised that the capsule could be home to some of the first humans to travel to Mars, it is yet to be revealed what exactly goes on inside.

However, according to a new report from NASA, the space agency is investigating a possibility of a new design, in which the cabin and spacecraft are located in the middle.

While the design looks like the interior of a space station, it could be more like a futuristic, space-faring spaceship that will be used to help mankind on Mars.

A NASA spokesperson said that the agency was interested in the design and wanted to investigate whether it could provide an affordable, viable way for human explorers to return to Earth, which could have a dramatic impact on the way we live here on Earth.

The space agency’s team is currently conducting a test flight in the Orion spacecraft, which is due to launch into space in 2020.NASA is hoping to have the capsule ready to go for its first human mission in 2021, which would then become the first human landing on Mars and potentially the first manned mission to the red planet.

However the plan is complicated by the fact that the space station is set to begin its extended stay in space in 2024, with a crew of six people.

So what’s the real inside of space?

It’s not clear exactly what goes on in the capsule, but the official reports that the interior is meant to be more functional than anything seen on Earth, and contains the most common items that astronauts normally need.

The inside of this capsule, NASA says, is intended to function as a ‘space-faresystem’ for the crew.

This system is intended for the capsule to function and maintain as the crew of the Orion spaceship moves through the International Space Station.

It’s the same concept that NASA has used on previous missions, including the space shuttle, where the crew is usually given a small room with space for food, and supplies, so they can keep their physical and mental health up.

The spacecraft is also meant to allow the crew to live and work within the confines of the capsule for extended periods of time.

The cabin, which will be designed to be very similar to that of the International Soyuz spacecraft, is meant for a crew to use in the space stations living quarters, and will also allow the astronauts to have access to the toilet, bathroom, showers and other amenities they need for extended stays.

The interior of the cabin of the NASA space capsule.

NASA says it wants to use the cabin as a living quarters for the astronauts.

The structure of the spaceship, which looks like a spaceship, will be similar to the space suits of space flight.

The Orion spacecraft is a huge space vehicle with a diameter of 20 metres (66 feet) and can reach speeds of up to 1,400km (800 miles) per hour.

Its first flight will be in 2021.

While NASA’s official announcement is quite a departure from the previous design of the spacecraft, it will still have the same basic structure.

However NASA will also be using a number of other elements from previous spacecraft to make the new cabin.

These include the new capsule’s internal structure, the Orion capsule’s wings, and the Orion’s main engines.

The design of this space capsule, which NASA says is similar to a space suit, is designed to function with the crew as it moves through space.

It is designed for a human crew to have space for essential items such as food, water, water purification and toilet facilities.

The exterior of the newly designed space capsule at a Nasa press event.

The Orion spacecraft will be launched into orbit in 2020 and will be joined by the International Mars Orbiter Mission in 2024.NASA’s design will not be the final one, but it will be the most affordable option, and could provide a sustainable alternative to other designs.

What does it mean for astronauts to return home?

The plan to build the Orion space capsule could help NASA to get astronauts to Mars before they reach the Red Planet.

According to the International Committee for the Exploration of the Red Plan (ICEP), which is an international organisation for the exploration of outer space, the new Orion design could be a significant stepping stone for humans to return safely to Earth.

In its original design, the capsule was designed to carry six people and was meant to operate for at least 30 years.

But in 2021 and 2024, NASA plans to use Orion to send six people to the Red Mars orbit, which it believes could be much more habitable.

The capsule could then be used for the first return mission, which involves sending humans to Mars by 2024, and in 2024 and 2023, the first missions to Mars.

However this would also be a short-term plan.NASA would be taking several years to complete the design.

So the design would likely be completed by the 2020s, and not



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