How to fix the cheap interior door for your VW bug

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Volkswagen’s Bug has long been known as one of the world’s best-selling cars, and a few years ago the brand unveiled a new interior design that was designed to look just like the real thing.

Now the company has released a new video to explain how to get a more functional interior door.

The video is a collaboration between the company and the designers at the French studio Gensler.

The video shows the new doors in action, with the company telling us that its engineers designed the new door to fit into a VW Golf and that its new shape would allow for the door to be placed just like a standard hatchback.

The new interior features a full metal grille that’s angled forward, and it features a metal hinge that’s supposed to allow the door open with a single hinge press.

It also has a metal plate that’s connected to the hinge, and an integrated metal hinge bar that connects to the hinges.

The hinge bar sits above the metal door frame.

The hinges are made of steel, and they’re also able to be made out of aluminum.

The new door has a raised rear section, which sits on a raised base plate that has a mesh pattern to it.

The hinges are also connected to a sliding bar, which is supposed to hold the door closed.

The sliding bar can be moved to either side of the sliding bar when the door is closed, and the bar can also be used as a hinge for a more conventional hatchback door.

The bar can adjust from 15 to 45 degrees.

The slide bar is located in the middle of the door, and while the bar is sliding on a surface it also has to pivot, which requires a second hinge press to be used.

Gensler is also known for its design work for the Volkswagen Group.

The firm also created the G-Unit, which was designed as a luxury vehicle that also was able to offer a more premium interior design.

The G-unit also featured a large rear window, which can be raised up to 45 percent in height.



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