When Porsche Tayscan Doors Become a Thing of the Past in 2018

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The Tayscais are the newest additions to Porsche’s home interior design lineup, and while we’ve already seen the company’s interior doors and interior cabin designs, the company is now expanding its product range.

While we’ve been getting a lot of leaks, now we know which of the new Porsche Taycan doors will be unveiled at the company-sponsored event in Germany on February 10th.

The company has been teasing its new Tayscans at various car shows, and we were first to learn that the new Taycais would include a fully articulated door, with the door opening up to a full 7 inches wider than the standard Porsche Tanescan.

That extra room could be a key advantage for the new entry-level Tayscalans, since it will be able to accommodate even taller drivers and taller drivers-to-be.

That means the Tayscoas will be available for drivers up to 5 feet 7 inches tall, with height and weight capacities ranging from 600 pounds to 1,400 pounds.

The new doors will also come with a built-in solar panel that will help the doors absorb sunlight, which is a nice feature for anyone who’s a fan of rooftop solar systems.

Porsche also has a new Porsche Cayenne Tayscapan on the way, and it’s already a lot more powerful than its predecessors.

The Cayenne S and Cayenne GT will be offered with a turbocharged 1.8-liter V6 engine, while the Cayenne Turbo will also have an automatic transmission.

Porsche says the new Porsches will be delivered by 2019, and Porsche says its Tayscapsan doors will go on sale next year.

Check out all the latest interior details from the new year with the photos below, or read on for more information about the new door shapes, interior styling, and more.



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