Inside Masonite Interior Doors

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Masonite interior door assemblies may have an uncanny resemblance to the deadly Columbine High School shooters, according to researchers.

A report published Tuesday in the Journal of Experimental Criminology (JEC) by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and University of North Carolina found that the same type of door assembly appears in multiple locations in the exterior of several Masonite doors.

A review of hundreds of Masonite door assemblies found that in a number of locations, a variety of shapes and sizes of objects can be seen in the interior of a door.

One of the most prominent objects is a cylindrical object known as a “kite,” a piece of metal used to support the hinge of a Masonite hinge.

The object is typically seen at the edge of the door opening and is generally rectangular, measuring about 6 inches (15 centimeters) in diameter.

A similar object can be found at the front of the hinge, which has been modified to form a hook or “hook-and-loop” design.

Another notable object is a circular shaped object known commonly as a spacer.

This object is usually seen on the outside of a spinner and can be up to 18 inches (46 centimeters) long.

Researchers found that similar objects were found in a third of Masonites, and the number of different types of spacer and hook-and/or loop objects was also high.

While there is no way to prove whether or not a particular door assembly was responsible for the Columbine attacks, the findings indicate that the type of object seen in each of the three locations is likely to be related to the assembly in question.

The researchers also found that some of the objects appear to be made from metal, which would suggest that some Masonite assemblies may be made of metal, but that metal was also found in other locations.

While the researchers are unsure how they arrived at their conclusions, they speculate that the door assemblies were probably made of material from other materials such as concrete, wood, or steel.

Masonite is commonly used in doors, windows, and other exterior surfaces in many parts of the United States, including homes, businesses, and schools.

But it has also been used in the construction of several mass-casualty mass shootings in the United Kingdom, including the Columbines, the Boston Marathon bombing, and last week’s attack on the offices of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

In the United State, more than 70 mass shootings were carried out by individuals who were either involved with Masonite construction or who were working with the materials.

“We don’t know what the relationship is between the materials used in these mass-shooting projects and the type or amount of material used in their construction,” study author and associate professor of criminology and criminal justice at Penn State Thomas D. Kline said in a statement.

“But we do know that the materials that were used to make these mass shootings have historically been used for a variety, if not all, of these uses.

For example, one of the first mass-shootings that happened in the U.S. in the early 1900s was the Columbus School Shooting in which the shooter killed 13 people and injured more than 500 others.

We can’t be certain that the exact material that was used in those mass-killing projects is the same material used for all these other mass-suicides.”

The research was conducted using data from the National Incident-Based Reporting System, a database that tracks mass-violence incidents and includes information about the type and location of the weapons used in each incident.

The study was published in the journal JEC.



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