How to fix the Tesla Escape Interior

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New technology that allows the interior to look more like an Escape, thanks to a special glass plate, has been developed by a team of researchers from the University of Southern California.

Key to the new design is a new glass plate made from the same materials used in the interior of the Tesla Model S.

The glass plate has a unique shape that makes it look like a window, according to a news release from the team.

This is not a trick, but rather the result of a long process of evolution that led to the design.

The design has two main advantages.

First, the glass plate is lighter than other materials used for interior glass.

That’s because the plates can be made from a non-magnetic material and are designed to hold water without the need for expensive electrolytic capacitors.

The team behind the research also said the design will also provide “significant thermal efficiency,” the team says in the news release.

The design is also more compact than traditional glass plate glass, and the team is working on making a larger, lighter version, the release says.

The researchers hope that by using a new technology, like this, they can make it easier for Tesla to continue to make the cars in the future.

The new technology has been used for other projects at the University, including a design for the interior glass of the company’s Model X SUV.

The research team is now working on creating a prototype of the new glass, with an initial commercialization expected to happen later this year.

The company is already making changes to the glass plates for the Model S sedan, but the researchers are working to get the technology into the new Escape.



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