How to replace the interior door in your Jeep trackhawk (video)

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You might have noticed that the exterior doors in your JK Wrangler have a different look.

It is because the factory installed an aluminum door in the rear quarter panel.

But when you replace the exterior door, you need to find out if it has the same interior door replacement parts or not.

If you do not know which door is the interior, then you need a professional to do it.

Here are the parts needed for the interior doors.

The front door is connected to the driver’s side door panel with an opening.

The center console door is located on the right side of the door, behind the driver.

The driver’s door will need to be replaced, because the center console panel is attached to the door.

The center console is attached by a small opening.

It opens up into a small area.

This can be used for opening up the door for the passenger, or for cleaning and sealing.

There is a hole drilled through the opening for the key chain.

There are two small screws on the inside that are needed to secure the center door in place.

The door frame is made of plastic and can be attached to a door frame with a lock or with the use of Velcro straps.

The outside door frame can be bolted to the center front door panel.

The rear door panel can be detached from the center rear door frame and mounted onto the front door frame.

The door frame will need a large hole drilled in the front of the frame.

There will also need to have two small bolts attached to this hole.

There should also be a small screw in the frame for attaching the center panel.

The front of this door panel should be secured to the rear door by attaching it to the frame with two small nuts.

The underside of the rear window is attached in place with bolts.

The hinge is located to the back of the window.

The back of this window needs to be secured with two bolts.

These will be needed to hold it in place when the hinge is lowered.

There also needs to have a bolt through the window to hold the window in place during a power cut.

This window is only accessible through a sliding panel in the center of the windshield.

The glass is covered in a plastic sheet.

The hinges need to go through a hole in the glass and into the window frame.

The window frame is attached with a large bolt to the inside of the glass.

There may also be one bolt through this window.

There needs to also be an anchor bolt through one of the holes to hold this frame in place while the hinge and window frame are lowered.

This is a typical interior door.

The keychain can be secured inside the door frame by using a bolt.

The hinge needs to go inside of a small slot on the side of this frame.

This hole will be used to secure a small anchor bolt to hold on the hinge.

The wheel is attached directly to the outside of the hinge so it can be lowered.

The windshield is attached through a small bolt to a small hole on the windshield and then through a smaller bolt to secure this frame into place.

This picture shows the center hinge.

It has an anchor on it so it cannot move or be moved by the hinges.

The anchor bolts need to hold these frames in place in the event of a power surge.

The driver’s seat needs to stay in place and be secured by using two bolts to hold its center frame.

You can also see the center pivot, the center steering column and the center lower hinge.

This picture shows what is needed to attach these pieces.

The top of the center column needs to come off of the front and rear wheels so that it can pivot to allow for the front wheel to pivot out of the way.

The right side window needs a small nut to be attached through the door panel to hold in place the window when the center window is lowered down.

The bottom of the lower hinge needs a large nut to hold up the frame on the underside of this hinge.

You will need two large nuts to secure all of these pieces in place to the hinges, frames, and frame on which they are attached.

The bolts need a 3/8″ bolt through each hole.

If the bolts are not attached, then the hinges can easily slip out of place.

The bolt on the top of this piece will go through the hole in this hinge so that the hinge can pivot freely when the door is lowered out of a garage.

The hinges need two small nails to hold them in place so they can be held in place by a large anchor bolt.

The small bolt needs to travel through the hinge hole and hold it secure during a powered down time.

The steering wheel is also attached to each door panel using a small piece of metal.

The steering wheel has a small notch on the center plate.

This will need an anchor pin to hold all of the steering wheel on the door frames and center steering columns.



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