Nissan kicks interior architecture in 2019

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Nissan is kicking the interior architecture into high gear.

The Japanese automaker said Tuesday it will launch the 3-Series SUV, the third in a series of new models in 2019, which will sport a unique exterior that’s expected to be the most unique to date.

The design, which Nissan has dubbed its ‘mini cooper,’ features a new, higher-tech interior that will include a more aggressive, high-tech exterior that will offer more space for passengers, and a more comfortable interior.

Nissan says it wants the interior design to appeal to the driver, and to create a “space-filled, yet relaxed atmosphere,” that will provide a “new level of comfort” and “uniquely comfortable experience.”

The new interior design will debut at the end of 2019, and will be available in two colors: black and white.

The car will feature a new roof that can be opened and closed by swiping the right hand side mirror.

The roof is located on the right side of the vehicle, but can be flipped up for a more dramatic look.

Nissan said it will offer a wide array of safety features, including the Nissan Assist Assist, which can assist drivers and passengers by sensing road hazards and providing alerts to turn off the engine.

It will also be able to assist drivers with blind spots and provide hands-free lane keeping.

The interior will be made of carbon fiber, with the exterior materials made of aluminum and titanium.

The new interior will feature LED headlights, LED taillights, rear and side windows with dual LED screens, and three-way mirrors with rearview cameras.

It also features a revised rear spoiler, a new airbag system and a redesigned infotainment system.

The new 3-series will be the first Nissan vehicle to be equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen infotac, which has already been used in the brand’s new Qashqai SUV.

It is a much more powerful, powerful, faster, and better looking display, with a 10-inch display in the center of the dash, and an additional 7-inches for the driver’s headlight and other information.

The exterior will also include new LED headlamps and new headlamp inserts.

Nissan also said the interior will offer new materials, including a new polyurethane material.

It’s the first time Nissan has used this material in the interior of a car.

The 3-generation lineup will be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show next month, with more details on the new car expected later this year.

The automaker is targeting a 2019 debut, but no final price has been announced.

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