Why Nissan kicks interior out of the car to make space for a new console

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A new console is part of Nissan’s new $5,000-a-month interior console for its $37,900 Nissan LEAF.

The new console includes a new steering wheel, a new center console and a new touchscreen, but the biggest change comes in the form of the dashboard.

It’s made of aluminum and looks just like the Nissan LEAD’s dashboard, but it comes with a larger display and is a little smaller.

Here’s what to expect: The console has a flat panel display with the “L” logo printed on it.

The center console has two smaller displays, one on each side, and a smaller touchscreen.

The touchscreen can be turned off, so you don’t need to touch it.

In the center console, there’s a small touchpad.

In this video, the center and right touchpad are on the center-left and right-hand displays.

There are two buttons on the right side of the center screen that you can use to turn the lights on or off.

The right and left touchpads are for controlling the climate control and navigation.

In order to get a better view of the display, the LEAF has a pair of new LED lights in the dashboard that illuminate when you’re looking at it.

There’s also a large, flat display that shows a detailed map of the interior.

In a demo, I was able to view a video of the console in action.

The console is not the only new feature that’s new in the LEAD.

The LEAF now comes with new driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist and lane departure warning.

There is also a “Smart” infotainment system, which includes Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Nissan says the LEF will be available for purchase on April 5.

Here are some other notable details: The center-stage displays have a 3-D look, and the front-facing cameras are now mounted directly above the center dash, so the LEFT and RIGHT displays can be used as the same screen.

There has been a slight redesign to the center display, which now has a “V” on the top of it instead of a circle.

The display now has three rows of three buttons, instead of two.

A new, more compact display is on the left side of both center displays.

A separate touchscreen is now located on the bottom of the LEASF display.

The steering wheel has been redesigned to be taller.

The touchpad is now slightly wider and smaller than before.

The buttons on both left and right displays have been redesigned and now have four “W” buttons instead of the previous two.

There have also been a couple of new, smaller buttons added to the LEARF center display.

There was also a small change in the display colors.

When you hold down the “T” button, the light comes on to make the new display pop out and show you the dashboard’s information.

The LED lighting is still on in the center center display and in the left and left-hand center displays, but its on the smaller, higher-quality screen in the middle of the panel.

The rear-view camera in the new LEAF also has a larger resolution than it did in the previous LEAF, so it has more detail and can be more easily focused.

The lighting on the LEAST is a much more subtle change, and it is visible only on the rear-facing camera.

It is also much less distracting than the previous version.

The “G” button is now a “C” button.

The wheel-mounted speakers now have more volume.

The backseat’s entertainment center has been improved and now includes a separate “B” button to switch between Bluetooth and audio sources.

The car’s driver-assistance features have also gotten a bit more powerful.

You can now ask the car’s adaptive cruise controls to be activated or deactivated.

There were a few new buttons that were added to Nissan’s navigation center in the last year or so.

They are now more detailed and they now show you information such as the direction you are facing, as well as the time of day, time of week, your current speed, distance, your destination and more.

The next LEAF will arrive on April 18, 2018, and you can pre-order one here.

Nissan has been doing an impressive job on the car in the past few years.

The company made more than 20 million cars in 2017 and has been able to squeeze more performance out of each model than any other automaker.

Nissan’s LEAF is the most powerful, most fuel-efficient and most luxurious of all of its competitors.

You won’t find an entry-level Nissan anywhere else.



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