The Lad’s Home: The Inside Story of the Honda Civic in the Heart of America

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The Honda Civic is one of the most iconic automobiles of the 20th century.

It was built from the ground up for the modern era, and that’s exactly what the company is doing.

The new Civic comes with some very big plans for the future, but Honda has always had a penchant for making big, ambitious vehicles.

The Civic is a great example of that.

The company has already announced a big-ticket revamp for the 2019 model year, and the company says it’s also going to invest $30 billion into a range of new products.

The rest of the Civic lineup is going to get a major overhaul.

The next Civic is expected to debut in 2020, and while the new Civic is still in its infancy, we already know that the new exterior is going live by the end of the year.

We have a look at the interior and the exterior of the new 2018 Honda Civic.

Inside The Civic’s interior has been revamped and now features a sleek black leather interior with a metallic, chrome-trimmed exterior.

Inside, the Civic has an attractive new sporty look that will make it easier to see around corners.

The front seats are leather upholstered, and they have more leg room and better cushioning than the standard seats.

A new navigation system with an all-new interface is a new feature on the right-hand side of the dashboard, with a new display and buttons to access various navigation options.

The right-side dashboard has a larger screen that can be used to navigate the system with a click.

The interior has a more comfortable, yet still spacious, feel.

We like the new dashboard, and it’s an easy addition to the Civic.

It features a new and comfortable instrument panel with a nice, crisp display.

The center console has a big screen with more space for the power knob and remote, and there’s a bigger seat with a more supportive backrest for better leg support.

A big screen, like the dashboard on the 2018 Civic, is very useful.

The instrument panel is also now more spacious than the Civic’s original, but it’s not quite as large.

It’s still plenty big for us, and we like the more spacious cabin.

The seats are comfortable, and you’ll be happy with how the Civic seats in front of you feel.

The left side has more legroom, too.

The rear seats are a bit more spacious, too, though we don’t recommend that you go for them.

The headrests on the Civic are wider than on the standard Civic.

There are no new seats.

The engine has a much larger block and crankcase.

There’s a new turbocharger, too; it’s a four-cylinder with a compression ratio of 11.0:1.

There is no engine sound in the new engine, but we’d say that’s a good thing because the engine sounds like it’s tuned to help make the Civic feel more sporty.

The four-speed automatic transmission is a standard transmission with a 5.0-liter V6 that is paired with a manual transmission.

The V6 is a more aggressive turbocharged version of the standard V6 with a power output of 315 hp and 335 lb-ft of torque.

The power delivery is very strong, and this V6 also makes a more sport-like sound than the old V6s.

We wouldn’t say that the Honda is the most powerful V6 on the market, but its performance is comparable to the V6 in the standard model.

The fuel economy is a little lower than that of the old Civic, but that’s due to the Honda getting an upgrade to the fuel economy system.

It adds a new “PowerLink” system that monitors the engine speed and the fuel consumption, and adjusts the fuel level automatically.

The Honda uses an electronic throttle system to adjust the fuel delivery, and when the car is stopped at a light, the engine will automatically lower the fuel pressure.

The PowerLink system is connected to a new electronic speed controller that also monitors the fuel flow rate and adjusts engine speed automatically when the engine stops.

The computer system also monitors engine performance and adjusts fuel delivery accordingly.

The system adjusts the engine’s speed automatically at the same time it adjusts the throttle.

The steering is a big improvement over the old model, too — Honda says the steering now feels more responsive.

The 2018 Honda has a lot of new features.

You’ll find a redesigned center console with a lot more leg space and the new Navigation System.

The big screen has a bigger display that can access more information and functions like the PowerLink, and Honda says it also has more screen real estate than the one on the base model.

You can also access the Drive Mode menu from the new center console.

The keypad on the new left-hand instrument panel now has a “F” shape, making it easier for you to read text.

You also have a new navigation screen with a



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