How Ford will make a Chevy Equinox SUV in 2021

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It’s been a long time since Ford has released an interior in the shape of a car, but the automaker has finally done it with the F150.

Ford has made the Equinux SUV in a range of styles from convertible to sporty, but now the company has finally turned its attention to the F-150.

The company revealed the car today at the 2016 International Motor Show in Detroit, and we got a first look at the new F150 Interior.

The car is the first Ford vehicle to be built in an F-type body style.

It will be powered by a 1.5-liter, flat-six gasoline engine, and features a three-spoke, alloy-alloy steering wheel.

Inside, Ford’s new car is much like what you might see on a Corvette, except it has a roof that’s nearly the size of the car, a large rear spoiler, and more traditional F150 styling.

The F150 has the same amount of luggage as the current version, but it’s a bit larger, and the front seats have a wider footprint.

There are also smaller rear seats and cargo storage for the driver and the passenger.

There are also new LED headlights, a new front fascia with an instrument cluster, and a large driver’s side door with an integrated infotainment system.

The driver can also use a touchscreen to control the system, and there’s a rearview camera.

Inside the cabin, the seats are now more comfortable and spacious.

Inside the F100, the car’s driver can use the touchscreen to switch between the four different operating modes.

The screen has a touchpad on the right side of the instrument cluster and a USB port on the left side.

The center console has a new dash display, and it features a touch pad on the top right.

Inside and outThe F150 will be available with a six-speed manual transmission, a six speed automatic transmission, or a six Speed TDI.

There will be a new eight-speed automatic transmission for the F80, F80S, F90, F150S, and F150L models.

Ford says the automatic will offer more fuel economy than the six- or eight-cylinder models.

The new F-Series models will be built using a new platform called the Powertrain Platform, which is a combination of all-new diesels and a hybrid drivetrain.

This platform is intended to offer greater efficiency for fuel economy, which will allow Ford to offer higher fuel economy with a hybrid system.

The automaker says the new platform will deliver the same fuel economy as the existing F-series models, but with an improved engine and transmission.

Ford claims the hybrid drive will offer 30 mpg city and 38 mpg highway on the highway.

The hybrid drive is supposed to offer up to 20 percent higher fuel efficiency compared to the conventional three-cylindered engine.

Ford also says the engine will be lighter, which means it will be more fuel efficient.

Ford is also using a hybrid-electric drivetrain in the F200, which makes the car lighter and easier to drive.

Ford said the hybrid engine in the new car will produce 30 percent less CO2, which translates into lower carbon emissions.

Ford says the F250 will be the first hybrid vehicle in the lineup, and this will be its only production vehicle.

It’ll be available in a base trim and in a sports sedan with a manual transmission and six-speeds.

Ford said it will use the powertrain platform to offer more efficient and fuel-efficient vehicles.

The new platform, it said, will deliver better fuel economy.

It’s expected that the new engine and transmissions will make the F50, F70, and Energi the best-selling electric vehicles in North America by 2020.

Ford is also promising to sell the F70 and Energies, two electrified models, as early as 2020.


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