What is Subaru’s latest Subaru interior

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Subaru has released the first image of its upcoming interior concept, the Subaru XV Crosstrek.

The interior is being designed by Subaru’s design department, and is expected to be unveiled in late 2019.

The design is based on the latest Subaru Impreza model, and will likely feature a range of new technologies including a fully autonomous front-wheel drive system and electric and electric-assisted drive systems. 

In a new interview with Japanese website CarAdvice, Subaru’s Design Director Yusuke Nakamura said the design for the interior is based off the current Subaru XV Crosstrieks. 

“Subaru has always been the leader in innovation,” Nakamura explained.

“Its a new model, we are creating a new concept, and we have been designing the new Subaru XV.

Subaru has always innovated and developed new technology, but we have always been focused on developing the Subaru XV model.

So we have developed the new concept.” 

The Subaru XV Concept is expected in late 2020 or early 2021, and Nakamura stated that the car will be produced at the new production facility in the city of Hiroshima. 

Nakamura also stated that Subaru’s new technology will include electric and hybrid driving modes. 

It is not yet known when the new design will be available to the public. 

The new Subaru Imprace is expected for a mid-2020 launch, and Subaru is also looking to introduce a new electric SUV, the XV Crosster. 

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You can read more about the Subaru Impriace here. 

Image: Subaru, subaru, XV Crosstek by caradvice



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